2015 Information Technology Education Staff Training Course (Unit 4) – “Planning and Management of School Information Technology”

“DSEJ Training Programme of Information Technology in Education 2015 (Module 4) : Planning and Management of School Information Technology” Design and Report of Project Study, co-organized by Macau Education and Youth Affairs Bureau and Centre for Information and Communication Technology in Education of Faculty of Education of University of Macau, was held in FED building, on 11 July 2015.

Prof. Xitao FAN, Dean of FED, gave a welcome speech. He found it an honor to host this training course together with DSEJ (Macau Education and Youth Affairs Bureau). Prof. Fan pointed out that this was an intensive program designed with the aim to provide a platform, to share professional knowledge and sharpen the skills in various areas related to “Planning and Management of School Information Technology” and to gain valuable insights into the latest development of Information Technology.

Mr. Kin Mou WONG, Head of Department of Educational Research and Resources of DSEJ, said that the development of information and communication technology is creating higher demands on technology teaching staff to integrate information technology with education. He hoped that the training course would help to assist schools to carry out information and technology education, to strengthen information and technology and to establish a more comprehensive environment for the development ofinformation and technology.

Project-studied activities were held focusing on the theme of “School Information Technology Planning and Management” and participants were divided into five groups with two or four persons in each. Learners shared with each other different school situations and designed a proposal to improve school information technology education on the following topics:

Group One: Interactive learning by using I-pads inside Classroom
Group Two: Integration of Google Classroom and Teaching – Application of Primary School Mathematics Class.
Group Three: The impact of ClassCraft on Macau Students’ Mathematics Learning
Group Four: Application of Cloud in Education – Taking Google App as an Example
Group Five: To explore the Feasibility of Using Socrative by Teachers

Towards the end, Prof. Jianxia DU, Director of Centre for Information and Communication Technology in Education, Dr. Kan Kan CHAN, Assistant Professor of FED of UM and Dr. Chun Wai FAN, Assistant Professor of FED of UM, briefly commented on each group’s work. Prof. Du highlighted the importance of information technology and encouraged all the participants to keep on improving personal educational concept of information and technology with its role in school education.