At the Centre for Information & Communication Technology in Education, our research explores the intersection of technology and education, with a particular focus on enhancing online learning experiences and outcomes. Our work is dedicated to understanding and improving the way information and communication technology (ICT) can be used to foster educational opportunities, collaborative learning environments, and effective instructional methodologies. Key areas of our research include:


Online Learning Effectiveness: Investigating factors that influence the success of online learning and collaborative activities, including technology use, student engagement, and instructional design.

Emotion and Motivation in Learning: Examining the role of emotional regulation, motivation, and gender differences in the context of homework and online learning environments.

Technology in Education: Analyzing the impact of technology on educational practices, including gender attitudes towards technology use, and the role of ICT in supporting learners of diverse backgrounds.

Collaborative Learning: Developing models and strategies for effective online collaborative learning, focusing on group trust, interactivity, and the dynamics of peer support and community building.